Wicked Games
Gamemaster: Lilli Jakobsen
Uge dag: Tirsdag i ulige uge
Oprettelse dato: 20 / 08 - 2017
Start Dato: 29 / 08 - 2017
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Rum: Afgrunden

Wicked Games.


It is the 99th year of the new republic, an era of peace and prosperity…

Six years has passed since a new emperor were elected ending thirty years of covert, ruthless power struggles between nobles, bankers and merchants in the lowlands. Wealth flows in Vendici, a metropolis of decadency. The emperor have disbanded the corrupt churches and burned the heretic mages hiding in their ranks at the stake. And equally dealt with the lower races that have been flocking to these lands for years, branding them for what they are and bringing them to heel as servants to the empire.

None of this mattered much to the fair city Verona, like many other cities it has been beyond the reach of the deadly games played in ballrooms and on rooftops. It is said that Vendici will rob a good man of his morals faster than it will rob him of every penny he owns. Times however are changing, taxes are draining the people’s coffers, land owners pushing their peasants to the breaking point and slaves are becoming a more and more common sight among the people of the lowlands.


What happens when the bad guys win and you are faced with an evil empire?

This game is not just about good and evil; it is about people and weaknesses. As players it is up to you how you will respond to this, fight back to make the world a better place, make a power play setting the group up to become real players in the great game, it is all up to you. I intend for the group to start out with a minor noble house or a business of some kind, bottom-line is you fail or succeed as a group. The campaign will have elements of intrigue, investigation, scheming, drama, cloak & dagger and moral questions to be answered, but how much very much depend on you and your characters.


Cypher is a rule light D20 system designed to work within several settings, so expect house rules and adjustments, we will play by the spirit of the rules, not the letter. I am fairly new behind the screen, so be patient with me.

Thea Bechshøft
Simon Bloch
Kim Juul Rasmussen AKA Jarlaxle Baenre
Maria Lykke Johansen